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Expanding regulations and internal rules and practices are leading to mental exhaustion of your frontline leaders. Do you respond with another rule, procedure, management system or do you move in a new direction?

Your frontline workforce makes an overwhelming number of everyday decisions. They bear the brunt of every new initiative. They are not sufficiently listened to but have much to share! Never and Never Again gives you compelling insights to move forward in the coming Age of Critical Thinking.

The authors bring a simple, new approach that takes the complexity you face and turns it into a catalyst for positive change. The authors share what they have learned in working with business executives and importantly their frontline workforce. The next evolution of leadership will need skills to listen to and learn from the frontline. This book positions you to create best practice not simply following them.

  • Tackle complexity - the enemy of excellence
  • Align behaviors to foster critical thinking
  • Become a leader of people not a manager of work
  • Energize people by creating enabling Purpose Driven Work
  • ‚ÄčLearn what the frontline wants and needs to drive excellence